Top 10 Security Analytics Solution Companies - 2018

Digital Resolve: Uncovering Suspect Behaviors within Corporate Networks

Bill Calpin, CEO for Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Resolve, Digital ResolveBill Calpin, CEO for Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Resolve
Traditional standalone forms of security aren’t enough to thwart today’s relentlessly sophisticated cyberattacks. True protection comes from solutions that help enterprises proactively recognize potential threats―before they happen. Previously, cyber criminals exclusively targeted financial institutions where gaining access to clients’ money was obviously profitable. However, today’s connected business world has opened up an expanded fraud landscape where gaining access to personally identifiable information (PII) within corporate networks through compromised credentials has proven just as rewarding.

Companies that add behavioral monitoring and analytics to their security programs have gained new-found insights into suspicious behaviors that serve as warnings of potential cyber threats. Digital Resolve, a proven online fraud protection and identity intelligence solution provider, is helping move digital behavioral profiling from “nice-to-have” to “must-have,” allowing companies to actively prevent data breaches and the accompanying fraud that often results―helping to save time, resources, costs, and reputations.

“Organizations, both large and small, are experiencing a wide variety of fraud attacks, and their CIOs fully understand the importance of maintaining effective security programs,” said Bill Calpin, CEO for Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Resolve. “To truly address the full fraud lifecycle, companies need security platforms that monitor every user interaction and transaction to uncover suspect behaviors while engaged with their corporate networks. Behavioral analysis takes security to another level by examining activities and behaviors so that even if someone is able to compromise a user’s identity, the hacker still has to be able to act like the user, which is when the alarms should start to sound.”
Digital Resolve’s behavioral monitoring and analytics solution involves tracking users and accounts in multiple ways to determine regular user patterns and flag suspicious activity. All activity is traced at the user, account and site levels to provide a comprehensive view across a company’s entire business channel. By determining regular user patterns at multiple levels, suspect activity can be flagged and handled accordingly in real time.

One of the biggest security threats today comes from the inside. Take for example, the “accidental insider,” someone who is tricked into giving up their credentials (i.e., through a phishing scam). Criminals employ those credentials to gain access to unsuspecting employees’ and contractors’ devices, applications and accounts―which ultimately means access to corporate networks and data.

“Comprehensive behavioral monitoring and analytics allows companies to quickly identify the user, the access point, and the activity taking place,” said Calpin. “But once a user’s credentials have been compromised, the criminal then has to be able to behave in line with the normal activities of that particular user. Any failure to do so will trigger abnormalities in the system―allowing for real-time intervention.”

Digital Resolve is used by a variety of enterprises to provide protection against the full fraud lifecycle. They enjoy a number of benefits from Digital Resolve’s behavioral monitoring and analytics solution, among them the easy-to-deploy methodology; a deep level of real-time analyses for high-risk transactions; the ability to cost-effectively build a multi-layer security platform with additional multifactor authentication and single sign-on technologies; and a non-invasive approach that does not negatively impact the user experience.

“Our customers appreciate our responsiveness and our product roadmap’s ability to prioritize all the problems that they anticipate,” said Calpin. Future planning for Digital Resolve includes creating a real-time digital channel transaction hub with a comprehensive analysis and alerting engine that will gather and share data with any enterprise fraud platform.