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Top 10 Security Analytics Solution Companies - 2018

Today’s security analytics solution providers have potentially revitalized the information and data security landscapes with tools that safeguard an infrastructure against cyber hindrances. With the assistance of such tool sets, companies are better equipped to obtain actionable insights from data repositories and information clusters to improve threat detection capabilities, all the while providing proactive and crucial alerts against attempted infringements or cyber crimes looming on the horizon. These analytics are of paramount importance for organizations as they safeguard network traffic, endpoint data sets, cloud resources, and business applications by controlling the ability to access confidential datasets internally.

Companies are resorting to machine learning algorithms that process large volumes of structured and unstructured data to provide actionable insights that help in steering them ahead of the competition in terms of security prerequisites. They act as the primary line of defense while combating malware infringements, supplementing native cybersecurity solutions of a company for higher reliability and stability. As a result, security analytics solutions have been widely adopted by enterprises to bolster their enterprise data, right from the endpoints of a network to central data repositories that orchestrate various functions. Solution providers are leveraging this opportunity to provide a myriad of solutions in the security analytics landscape to deliver total data intelligence to organizations worldwide.

On the same note, Enterprise Security Magazine’s current edition lists “Top 10 Security Analytics Solution Providers- 2018” that hold expertise in helping businesses implement newer, innovative technologies. The list presents to you some of the prominent companies in the security analytics space, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. By leveraging direct support from these eminent solution providers, organizations can ramp up their operations for greater success.

    Top Security Analytics Solution Companies

  • AccessData has been a pioneer offering security analytics and legal aid for enterprises for more than 30 years. The company offers solutions which are both independent and enterprise-class that work together in synergy to facilitate both criminal and civil investigations. These include law review, compliance, digital forensics, incidents, auditing, and information assurance. Over 130,000 customers that include government agencies and law firms use AccessData’s software solutions and its leading digital investigation products for digital forensics, responding to incidents, legal revisions, conformity, and auditing. The company’s cutting-edge solutions enable faster results, better insights, and greater connectivity.

  • Active Countermeasures, a foremost security analytics provider, consists of a group of like-minded geeks that believe in giving back to the security community. The company achieves this by providing free training and both open source and affordable commercial tools for enterprises. Active Countermeasures creates simple-to-use tools that quickly solve complex security problems. Today, automated and streamlined techniques are used by the best pentesters and threat hunters in the industry. AI-Hunter, the security analytics solution that the company offers, is a network threat hunting solution that can identify compromised hosts on the client’s network regardless of the operating system, hardware, or network link speed. With AI-Hunter, the company’s clients can quickly analyze millions of connection requests, and easily identify which systems or IoT devices have been compromised.

  • In terms of endpoint protection, Cybereason offers endpoint monitoring and response, anti-viruses of the next generation, controlled surveillance, and IR services. Cybereason, a leading security analytics solution provider, offers a platform that is powered by personalized in-speed graph, the only automated hunting engine anywhere. The company;s platform detects behavioral patterns throughout all endpoints and identifies malicious operations through its easy-to-use interface. The mission of Cybereason is to safeguard enterprises’ information in today's open and connected world. They are committed to creating a secure community to empower the defender.

  • Devo provides business and operational insights into operations, IT, and security analytics to enable companies drive sustained performance and growth. The Devo Data Operations platform provides quick insights, making it easy for non-technical users to derive insights on their own; the platform takes measures to meet the data volume and query requirements of the biggest companies in the world. Telco, financial, manufacturing, IoT, and other industries use Devo to obtain operating information from streaming and history in real time. The security analytics solution company makes machine data and insights accessible to everyone through an API or visual user interface. The firm helps its clients maximize their machine data for safety management and IT operations economically and operationally.

  • With the help of proven and cost-effective fraud and identity intelligence technology, Digital Resolve has been offering innovative security analytics solutions for nearly fifteen years in the market. The company offers the only solution in the industry which is a combination of its proprietary and supported multifactor authentication (MFA) and behavioral surveillance technology, with its own single sign-on (SSO) ability to provide proactive online security protection, from login to log out, for online accounts, information, and transactions. Digital Resolve is the intelligent choice for those companies who want an easy and single solution that provides robust protection using a number of features designed to address fraud.

  • AttackIQ


    AttackIQ has built the first industrial platform for continuous security validations that allow red and blue teams to measure and test the effectiveness of their security controls and staff in the emerging market. AttackIQ provides the value of every member of the security team, from the front line analysts to the CISO and C-suites, as a central scalable platform. With the first reproducible attack simulation environment in the industry, the security analytics solutions company has partnered with MITRE to help its clients to check the security controls against adversary techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). Leading global companies trust the AttackIQ platform which allows them to identify how individual security assets react to specific attacks. It is intuitive to use, requires minimal embedding, and easily integrates into customers’ security technologies.

  • Awake Security

    Awake Security

    Awake Security provides a security analytics platform that offers expertise and real-life research to hundreds of the world's top traffic analysts as the only advanced network analysis company. Awake’s network detection and response platform uses AI to bring this human know-how to all customers, analyzing billions of packets instantly so that each device, user, and app in the network can be discovered immediately. Awake reveals malicious intent by insiders and external attackers through autonomous hunting and investigation. The security analytics solution offered by the company, stands out from conventional security solutions as it recognizes and learns over time from malicious intent, and provides customers with situational awareness of what threats exist and what they should do about them.

  • Corvil


    Corvil is a leader in electronic financial market performance monitoring and security analytics. The company offers a streaming platform for machine analysis to operate in a world of machines. Corvil analytics is the sole visibility and intelligence they offer in order to guarantee their business worldwide, transparency, speed, and compliance. The results of electronic transactions worth more than $1 trillion are monitored by Corvil every day. The company has built the only analytics streaming architecture that makes complete sense of global network data by transforming it instantly into real-time, useful insights that businesses can publish, search, and consume.

  • Shape Security

    Shape Security

    Shape Security provides enterprises with a primary defence against sophisticated cybercrime for the world’s leading banks, airlines, retailers, hotel chains, and federal agencies. With more than 50 patents, this leading security analysis solution provider helps clients to prevent automated frauds and other web applications attacks, such as account takeover, scraping, credential stuffing, and unauthorized aggregation. The organization is one among the world’s biggest login traffic processors and protects over 1.3 billion user accounts. They provide protection against imitational attacks on behalf of the world’s largest companies with over four trillion transactions per week.

  • ZeroFOX


    ZeroFOX, an innovator of social media and security analytics, protects modern organizations across social, mobile, web, and collaboration platforms, from dynamic security, brand, and physical risks. The company secures modern organizations against target-based phishing attacks, credential compromise, brand hijacking, data exfiltration, and executive and location risks through targeted data collection and artificial intelligence analysis. The patented ZeroFOX SaaS platform provides digital risk monitoring and protection for millions of social and digital posts, messages, and accounts, covering Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and deep and dark web mobile app stores.